The Convenient way to Indulge in the meeting…Just Don’t Make It’s a simple meeting makes it an experience of shared thoughts and ideas. Professionalism makes the better Pulling Power to a company, In Gleesire Holidays; we tailor everything Professional Yet Casual…Only enough to make everything to be perfect.


Loyalty Of Employees and Excellency of workmanship is appreciated by the company By the means of Incentive as a Travel Rewards for Individual Employees as Group or as Partners – It’s Fantastic to enjoy Holidays in Prime Resorts, or Hotel as well as Popular Travel Destinations, In which Expense are met by the Company…We Just Make it happen with lot of Joy, We are specialised in creating best experience throughout the tour.


Conference, Meeting on Apex Level, Focused on Corporate group to extend the Ideas and Improvisation duly in the operations of the company through several Days of intensive Preparation. We makes it special, by the means of creating the Perfect venue for Professionalism to be improvised…


Trade and Product launches created by the Mastered Brains to develop the company Goodwill, Results of Hard Work should be Exhibited in the best way possible, To reap the maximum Benefits of the idea…This Where Gleesire Holidays Comes into picture, as forming the great venue for such occasions, Once starting the Portraying the Element- Everything Will be Awesome.

We Specialised In : Corporate Requirement
Gleesire Holidays - Incentive Team Provides

Adventure N’ Leisure Activities

The occasion where the victory and Success comprises the adventure and Enjoyments of the Tours enriches you!

Makes Some Noise…It’s the Time for Insane enjoyments. Go according to our beats…Drumming is always the eminent way of showcasing the culture and Personal Choices…Thus paves the way interactive Conversations…
Fly like a Bird- With Balance and Confidence and also the heart ready for the adventure
Team Work leads to best work, Example is here at your will, Get ready for the Adventure in water and Win the Race!
Other example of the team work, rowing in a canoe as a team require great sportsman spirit and freat Coordination within the team members…Our instructor will educate you the basic principles of paddling and safety on dry land before Entering to the launch and water that’s before the real Fun
Chill Out with International Games of Self Coordination, Moreover leisure
Take some time off for a calm, fun and wild activity. Sea kayaking always been a experience. Keep a firm grip on your paddle though and keep paddling.
A dirt bike is a lightweight motorcycle designed to be used on unpaved trails of Mud and Dirt. With a dirt bike you can Corner, jump and burnout with your heart’s content. After a safety briefing and lecture, and getting geared up with helmets, knee and elbow pads and other safety equipment – it’s time for your team and you to pump up the ignition and get ready to blast off.
The thrill of an adventure to experience. Join the 4x4 journey and explore where there are no paths, you have to make the path under the guidance of trained professionals.
Never Quit learning and you can learn aspect from every experience. Swim with dolphins and see how these beautiful, intelligent creatures leave you with a feeling of immense Joy and inforgetable memories.
Speed is exciting and fascinating too. When you limited span of millisecond to make your moves, your senses are sharper than ever. Hop into a powerful rally cross car and experience the adrenaline rush through your Veins. And feel the horse power.
Always remember to have fun. Even if it takes you places you’ve never been to. Try it with a quad bike and head off wherever you feel like. Just remember to keep your grip firm.
A game of chess can be exhilarating, thrilling and despite being safe, it can feel dangerous. For a similar experience, try diving with sharks.
All chess games are not intense. Some are light, fun and casual. Just like a tour on a Segway. Hop on and just try to keep that smile off your face.
Exciting , thrilling, and a serious rush of Adrenaline. Sky diving just jump out of a plane and the navigating through the feel fall.
Aim your enemies. Learn to defend yourself and your team. Compete, and Conquer in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with paintballs using the terrain and surroundings for tactical cover. Game Tactics includes paintball vary including elimination, capturing the flag and defending or attacking a particular point or area.
Every once in a while you have to do something that goes against your instincts. Be unpredictable. Jump off a high platform. While Safely tethered you to the station of course.
Fly high over the ground. Cross over valleys, rivers and forests. If only you could fly over all your opponents like that.
Reaction times will be tested. Focus will be tested. And some clay ‘birds’ will escape. How many can you shoot?

Gala Dining

And party-harder for us means. Multi course seated dinner, well stocked bar, a glitzy venue and a spectacular show.

We do not take gala dinners lightly; they are an affair to remember. It begins with your choice of venue from the wide selection of the most luxurious ball rooms and halls scouted by our team.

Then comes the theme; Open beach set-up, pool side barbecues, bush dinners in the jungle, dinner at the pyramids, cocktail on-board while river cruising, dinners at mountain tops - our thematic gala set-ups have been the talk amongst the corporate.

Of course, no gala evening is a success without food. We partner with local culinary experts to set-up lip-smacking feast that would make the most disciplined eater break their diet regime for these couple of days.

And after the scrumptious meal, we get the people ready for a mind blowing entertainment with the best dancers, musicians, comic acts and performance that just dazzle act after act.

Mixing together all of the above ingredients in a right quantity we ensure an unforgettable evening that’s leave you and your travellers with a boxful of memories to take back home.